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Fic: Two Alike (Burt, Kurt, Hudmels) PG-13 (1/6)
the_dicethrower wrote in burt_hummel
Title: Two Alike
Author: Spider
Characters: Burt, Finn, Carole, Kurt, and Kurt
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Off-screen underage prostitution. Suicide? Character death. Faintly AU
Spoilers: For Hudmel stuff. Otherwise... nope.
Disclaimer: I wish I had some claim on Glee.
Summary: Somehow, Kurt from an alternate world (in which Burt kicked him out of the house for being gay and he was forced to turn to underage prostitution in the crack district to survive, desperately trying to put himself through school so he can get out of Lima on a scholarship) appears in the actual world, and Finn mistakes him for the real Kurt and brings him home. Hijinks and trouble ensue when the two Kurts meet...
Word Count: 1042
Notes: This was written for a prompt on the Glee angst meme. Chapters are short but I'll try to update every day.


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